Saturday, January 17, 2009

Do you want me to have a heartattack??

Guess what I saw when I was going to bake more bread today. Angela was climbing up on my kitchencurtins. What where you doing?? Kill your self or what?? I asked. No, I wanted an adventure, she said when she was safely on my workingarea. What? An adventure, can´t you just read a book a get some adventure there. She almost killed me, whhen she was so high up. So I hope she never ever does that again.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess where I found Angela??

Yes, that´s right found her sitting in a chair with her feet's on the other chair. She had found two bedside tables, a knitted bag, calender, two coca and a Glass, a breadbox and a beautiful candle holder. Angela please take it easy, your house isn´t ready yet. A renovation takes time. I refuse to do it in a haste, then it will be a lots of errors of the renovation. She has also found the black kitchen table, It´s not assemble yet That she want´s painted in white. Black doesn´t suit my kitchen she told me. She want´s a wardrobe in peices she´s going to watch me paint and assemble it she said. Oh no, I rather buy one and paint it in white or another color was my reply.

Have I created an evil witch or a.....

sorry.....teenage monster??? Yesterday she felt poorly, today she has demanded things like no stairs in her palace but a later My reaction was, what??? Later, Oh no, not that. You can fall and hurt you very bad. She argued against and said if I don´t get a later I make a pair of wings and fly To the first floor. We´ll see about that I said. Next thing was a black bedroom, we discuss that a couple of days ago and you my answer to that was my response. Then she wanted to bake bread. I don`t think so was my replay to that. Because I don´t want to eat burnt bread to breakfast tomorrow. A while ago screamed that she wan´ts a black bedroom. I don´t discuss that thing with you, until you have calmed down. Think I´ll get her mind on a purple bedroom and the workroom/livingroom. spring yellow It´s not so bright in the color. Now she is my cabinet where all the furnitures stands and probably making a Big mess in there. If it´s a mess I know who is going to tidy up, not me any way.

New followers

Just wanted to say hello to four new followers Casita, Rosanna her blog is wonderful. Doreen that has two blogs, both are lovely and to Marja her blog is also lovely So go over to there blogs and say hi

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Angela`s palace

Or it`s what she calls it. Today she went with me to where her home is under renovation. She demanded thousand things right from the beginning. I started to make comments about it. She didn´t want white tile in the bathroom, pink it´s going to be and I said that isn´t easy to find pink tile on the net and that I need to have white air drying clay to make more tile to her bathroom. The bedroom was going to be black including the floor. Oh no I said Any other color but not black, i refuse to paint a room in that dark and cold color . The kitchen light blue she told me. That I agreed on. Living room/workroom she could not decide color.

Monday, January 12, 2009

A nother Angel

Adorable angels

To Debbie

Happy birthday again Debbie!!!!

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Angela again

Angela is in her temporary home, because the house she´s going to live in is undergoing a renovation.

This is Angela

Angela is a young demanded women, she can´t cook or bake. An hour ago she demanded a fancy dress. I told Angela that I don´t have any patterns for a fancy dress and ask if she could be satisfied with a sweater and a skirt. She got pretty mad on me, and screamed for a dress. Right now she wears a peace of fabric around her.