Thursday, January 29, 2009

Witch hat

Right now, I´m doing a witch hat out of my mind. Hum wonder how it´s going to look when it´s finished. I´ll show you a picture of it tomorrow evening.

Good morning

Good morning all my mini friends!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Here they are.......

Those fifteen that I pas the award to Debbie at Tiny treasure Vane at El Minimundo De Vane Nikki at Witch and wizard Alais at Necessary Gardens Gail at Gail Lackey Ghosties Fairys and magical things San at Queen Ann Diary Jana at Silke´s Witches Ninna at El blog de Ninna Sadenisa at Miniatura de sadenisa Carmen at La casa de Carmen Mali at MaliMin Mis Miniaturas Marijkes at Marijkespoppenhuizen Stephanie at PetitPlat Daisy at Daisy´s Miniaturas 1/12 Kitty at kitty´s minis Award nomination: you have each a love and wonderful blog and your miniatures are lovely.

Monday, January 26, 2009

Another award

This I got from Eloisa, thank you!!! Hum but I´ve not decided who I´m going to pas it on to. That I´ll tell you tomorrow


I´m the horrible pie, run for your life

New followers

Just wanted to say hi and welcome to 11 new followers. JFOLK at A little roomer by JamieJayne at CUP CAKE FANTASY Rita at OOAK Fairy fae sculpture Lisi that has two blogs Mini Pecas...Grandes Sonhos and Cozinha Internacional Minna that has six diffrent and wonderful blogs Mayte Sapena at Reborn miniaturas por Mayte Sapena Joke that has two blogs Ouud Leeuwenstein and Ouud Leeuwenstein2 Terry at Minihouse di Terry Patricia´Cozzo at Fairies fair Ooak creation by Patrizia Cozzo Debbie Ritter at Uneek Musings MiniAlev at Minialev So pop over to there blogs and say hi

Just wanted to say

The picture speaks for it self Pop over to me later to day, about 6 pm and you´ll see what I talked about yesterday. A lots of mini hugs to you all

Sunday, January 25, 2009


I was going to something else with this light green clay, but there my ideas died so I made some pies for Angela's kitchen. Now when I stod in my kitchen and was moving over the pies to the baketray, I got a idea about making a pie bigger then these with face and leggs. Hum wonder how that would look when it´s ready. I´ll comeback to you about that.