Friday, January 16, 2009

Guess where I found Angela??

Yes, that´s right found her sitting in a chair with her feet's on the other chair. She had found two bedside tables, a knitted bag, calender, two coca and a Glass, a breadbox and a beautiful candle holder. Angela please take it easy, your house isn´t ready yet. A renovation takes time. I refuse to do it in a haste, then it will be a lots of errors of the renovation. She has also found the black kitchen table, It´s not assemble yet That she want´s painted in white. Black doesn´t suit my kitchen she told me. She want´s a wardrobe in peices she´s going to watch me paint and assemble it she said. Oh no, I rather buy one and paint it in white or another color was my reply.

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rosanna said...

Remember that teens must not be spoilt otherwise?.... try to resist ;-))