Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Angelas new friend Scrupy

Today even if i´m sour from yesterdays visit at the dentist, i just had to go the second hand store that´s near by where i live. There i found some fabrics and a dog. When i arrived home Angela was mad on my cat Vicky. Why are you mad i asked Angela? Vicky jumped up on the sofa table and she walked around on the table, then she lay down on me. Angela named the dog to Scrupy, why i don´t know.


Meli said...

Erika I hope that you feel better!!! Angela's new friend is adorable!!!

Deanna said...

Hi Erika,
hope you get to feeling better. I love Angela's new pet. He's very cute. I would love to see the fabrics you found. Did you find some fabric for Angela's apron?

Deanna :D

Sans said...

Yes, good to see you back here Erika. Did you remake your site? Its been so long :)

erika said...

Hi Sans

No i haven´t redone my site.
I moved in april to a bigger apartment.