Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Tribute and 100 posts

YES!!!!!!! I´ve finaly made my 100 pst, hurray!!!!! To M.J I saw the memoral cermony live from LA It was more then great, every artist that had worked with you, spoked very wormth about you. IMy tears couldn´t stop running. I cried, claped hands and agreed with every artist, ministors and all those other who made there own tribiute to you. Did you hear them, all those lovely things that they said about you?? Did you hear what your daughter said?? " I love you so much daddy" I know for shore that you heard everyone and every littele word they said. I started to listen to you when i was 9 years old, sence then i´ve loved you and when i listend to the radio the 26th of june the speaker said that you had past away, first i couldn´t belive it. That same weekend it was an tribute to your honor, they played almost avery song you´ve made. Today i understod that you not longer are with us on earth, you are at Neverland, running?? Bathing?? Talking to Peter Pan?? So Michael i know that all over the world we are thousands of fans morning you and celebrating your life. Your family said that it´s alright to celebrate. And i agree to that. R.I.P R.I.P R.I.P Michael Jackson Loved and missed You past away way to ealy man!!!! Love you One of your fan i Sweden

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