Friday, February 27, 2009


The spring is coming and I`m filled with happy thoughts, Yes


Debbie said...

Beautiful Scenery..

The Carolina Quilter said...

Beautiful photograph. Our trees and shrubs have begun to bloom but today we have nasty sleet which is supposed to turn into snow later but then blow out by tomorrow!

Mini Leaps and Bounds

Mary said...

I love this picture Erika. Looks very promising indeed!...Yeahhh!!!

Sans said...

Just pop by to let you know that I have listed you as a sister in the Sisterhood award. Thank you for your interest in my blog. Come by Day 39 to collect your award if you wish :).

Ingrid....... said...

You have an award. Please take a look at my blog.

Ingrid....... said...
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rosanna said...

Hi Erika, what about you? it's a lot of time since you cheered us up. I hope everything is ok. Mini hugs Rosanna

Meli said...

Hi Erika, is a beautiful photograph!!! Are you ok, haven't heard from you. Hope you are doing fine.
Warm regards,

Mbryton said...

Hello Erika!

You have a Blog Award waiting for you in my Blog!

And congratulations! You are doing a very good job with your Blog!
Maria Bryton