Sunday, February 8, 2009

CSI miniaturekiller


shannonc60 said...

Wow, amazing stuff. Perhaps they should sell their stuff so we can all access it!!

Deanna said...

Hi Erika,
Thank you for visiting my blog. You are very sweet and in looking at your blog, I was fascinated by your creativity. I went back to read several pages of older posts and found that not only are you talented, but also very funny with a good sense of humor.

I definately think your friend Angela is hilarious. I can't believe she turned down your offer of a sweater and skirt for a piece of material! I laughed at that...too funny!

Please come back and see me again. I thoroughly enjoyed my visit here.

Deanna :D

erika said...

Shannonc60, yes perhaps they should do that.

Deanna: I truly love visiting your blogs they are wonderful.